Wild Fruit

I try not to run out of any product but due to the availability of some fruit it does happen. I will always do my best to fulfil your order but will offer suitable substitutes where possible.

My range of products is listed below but I cannot guarantee that I will have everything in all year round. It is complete as of August 2011.

I produce my preserves in 5 different sizes from 113g to 1100g. My standard jar size is 227g.

My standard jars are all 227g at £3.80 each unless specified.

If you would like to make an order please call or email me and I will arrange to send you your order as quickly as possible. Postage will depend on the size of the order but will always be as inexpensive as possible.

Apricot Conserve£3.80
Blackcurrant Jam£3.80
Bramble & Crab Apple Jelly£3.80
Bullace Jelly£3.00
Wild Crab Apple Jelly £3.80
Cranberry Sauce£3.80
Chilli Jam 110g
Damson Jam£3.80
Damson Cheese  (113g)£4.00
Elderberry Cordial£2.50
Elderflower Cordial£2.50
Fig Jam£3.80
Orchard Raspberry£3.80
Hedgerow Jelly  (Elderberries, Brambles, Sloes and Crab Apples£3.80
Wild Gooseberry Jam£3.80
Mulberry Butter (113g jar)£3.00
Orchard Chutney£3.80
Pleasantly Hot Tomato Chutney£3.80
Exquisitely Hot Tomato Chutney (same as above but with spiced Vinegar so a bit hotter)
Pleasantly Hot Pickled Onions  (310g drained weight)£5.20
Quince Cheese  (113g)£4.00
Quince Jelly£3.80
Quince and Pear Jam£3.80
Redcurrant Jelly£3.80
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam£3.80
Rosehip Jelly£3.80
Rowan Berry Jelly£3.80
Summer Medley (red, white, blackcurrants & raspberries) £3.80
Strawberry Conserve£3.80
Victoria Plum Jam
Seville Orange Marmalade£3.80
Thick Cut Seville Orange Marmalade£3.80
Bitter and Twisted Jelly Marmalade
Seville Orange with Ginger Marmalade£3.80
Seville Orange and Malt Whisky Marmalade
Seville Orange and Spiced Rum Marmalade£3.80
Four Seasons Marmalade (Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime)
St Clements Jelly Marmalade
Bloody St Clements
Lemon Marmalade